Cankdeska Cikana Singers perform at Songs for Spirit Lake opening

rauschenberggrouppicCankdeska Cikana Singers, a drum group from the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation, performed at the opening of the exhibition “Songs for Spirit Lake”, on May 23-24, 2013 at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Project Space in New York City.  The singers are comprised of Cankdeska Cikana employees and students who participate in college and community events.  This exhibit has been curated by Laurel Reuter, Director of the North Dakota Museum of Art, and is the first in-progress exhibition organized under the aegis of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s Artistic Innovation and Collaboration Grant Program. The exhibit “Songs for Spirit Lake,” reflects ongoing conversations between artists Rena Effendi, John Hitchcock, Terry Jelsing, Mary Lucier, Tim Schouten, Bill Harbort and the inhabitants of North Dakota’s Spirit Lake Reservation.

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Click here for a video of the Cankdeska Cikana Singers performing at Songs for Spirit Lake opening

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