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carp_1A review of official college transcripts by the Registrar determines if college credit earned from approved institutions will apply toward fulfillment of a certificate or degree program of study. Only official transcripts granting the credit will be accepted as proof of credit earned. The student is responsible for having official transcripts forwarded to CCCC. Only courses where the student received a “C” or better will be considered for transfer credit. Students enrolling at CCCC with the intention of transferring to another institution to complete their educational objectives are advised to work closely with the transfer campus to determine those courses that will transfer most effectively. Students who have attended other accredited colleges or universities will be admitted without restriction to CCCC if they left the last transfer institution in good academic standing and if their cumulative grade point average meets the Academic Progress standards outlined in this catalog. Failure to list all colleges, universities, and schools previously attended may result in denial of admission, dismissal, loss of credits, or other appropriate sanctions. 2010-2012 Cankdeska Cikana Community College

A student that has been academically suspended from another college or university may be admitted on Academic Probation at CCCC, but only if the student has not attended any institution of higher education for a period of at least one fall or spring term following the suspension. See CCCC’s Academic and Financial Aid Suspension policy.

Articulation Agreements

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Silver Certificate

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education adopted a General Education Transfer Agreement (GERTA) in March 1994. The agreement was created to help students transferring between institutions comprising the North Dakota University System (NDUS). CCCC is formally recognized by the NDUS as a Silver Certificate institution. Students are better able to plan at both the originating and transfer campuses by knowing what general education classes and credits will transfer prior to actually transferring.

carp_2The contents of the Silver Certificate were developed by the registrars upon consultation with faculty at each NDUS institution to assist students and faculty advisors in planning how general education courses may transfer from one institution to another. Registrars meet annually to review the document, share information, and make necessary updates.

The Guide is separated into two color-coded areas. The Gold pages describe the general education areas and credit requirements for each NDUS institution. The Silver pages describe the specific courses and credits at each institution that fall within the ten categories established by the registrars. These categories were formulated to link the areas noted in the GERTA (communications, arts and humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and science and technology) to the general education areas of the institutions.

The ten categories are English (ND:ENGL), Speech (ND:COMM), Fine Arts Activities (ND:FA), Humanities (ND:HUM), History (ND:HIST), Social Science (ND:SS), Laboratory Science (ND: LABSC), Mathematics (ND:MATH), Computer Science (ND:COMPSC), and Science and Technology (ND:SCI). The North Dakota University System is committed to helping students achieve their educational goals. This Guide was developed as one of many ways the System is seeking to improve the transfer process for students so they may achieve their goals with greater ease and less expense.

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