Dakota Language Certificate

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Dakota Language Certificate

The certificate in Dakota Language provides core courses that introduce students to Dakota Language. The student will have completed an intensive study of the Dakota language and become fluent speakers.



A procession of people in native american attire.


An armed forces color guard making an entrance.


The opening ceremonies of a pow-wow.


Course # Course Name Offered
DS 110 Dakota Culture and History FA,SP 3
DS 122 Introduction to Sprit Lake Culture, History & Constitution FA,SP 3
DSL 250 Dakota Language I FA,SP,SU 3
DSL 251 Dakota Language II FA,SP,SU
DSL 252 Dakota Language III FA,SP,SU
DSL 253 Dakota Language IV FA,SP


Certificate Total Credits…..18

Updated 7/21/22

• Students will demonstrate proficiency of Indigenous cultures.
• Students will demonstrate competency in speaking Dakota Language.
• Students will utilize various technology platforms to demonstrate proficiency of Indigenous people.
• Students will gain knowledge of their traditional placements within Indigenous nations.

The average salary for a language major in the US is $56,000. The average salary for a cultural studies major in the US is $53,000. The benefits of understanding your heritage, priceless.

The Indigenous Studies faculty are professionals who have been employed in the private and public sectors of tribal government and education. They continue to participate in professional development and scholarly activity to enhance their knowledge and to serve as role models for lifelong learning of the Dakota culture.